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Recycling and Waste Drop-off sites

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but is designed to offer Bishopscourt Village residents some insight into what can be recycled, how and where.


This list refers mainly to items which can be taken to CoCT Drop-off facilities and/or Oasis; exceptions are noted. Refer to individual recycling collection companies for their own lists of recyclable goods.

BATTERIES: rechargeable and normal batteries - only at Pick ‘n Pay, see below
CANS: Cooldrink cans & food tins (rinsed)
CARDOARD: All household & office cardboard eg egg boxes, cereal boxes, toilet rolls, cardboard separating wine bottles etc. NOTE: Oasis don’t accept film-coated board eg banana boxes
COMPACT FLOURESCENT LIGHTS - only at Pick ‘n Pay, see below, and selected Woolworths stores eg Cavendish
COMPUTER EQUIPMENT: Used computer ink cartridges, old computers – all parts: monitor, keyboard, hard drives, etc
CORKS - see Vineyard Hotel below
ELECTRIC & ELECTRONIC WASTE - See also Incredible Connection & Makro in addition to Oasis & CoCT sites
GLASS: Glass bottles & jars
INK CARTRIDGES - Oasis, CoCT & see Pick ‘n Pay below
PAPER: All paper including newspapers, magazines, junk mail / circulars / pamphlets printed on coloured paper, brown & white envelopes including envelopes with windows or self-glue backs
PLASTIC BAGS & PACKAGING: including Bubblewrap, thin plastic packaging eg around magazines, shrink-wrap from 6-packs, etc - Oasis, CoCT sites, also at Pick ‘n Pay
PLASTIC CONTAINERS - recycling grades 1, 2 & 5: Ice cream tubs; plastic bottles from eg cooldrink, milk, juice, water, household cleaning agents - anything with number 1, 2 or 5 enclosed in a triangle - Oasis
PLASTIC CONTAINERS - unspecified: CoCT sites
POLYSTYRENE - CoCT sites (NOT Oasis)
TETRAPAKS: foil-lined juice- or milk cartons, rinsed (snip off a corner for ease of rinsing & draining) - CoCT sites (NOT Oasis)

OTHER ITEMS accepted by Oasis: see “Oasis Association” under Recycling Drop-off Venues below.


City of Cape Town’s Waste Drop-off sites:
Drop-off site closest to Bishopscourt Village:
WYNBERG drop-off: Rosmead Ave, near Wynberg Fire Station
For further information see City of Cape Town’s waste drop-off page

INCREDIBLE CONNECTION and MAKRO have solicited the services of an electronic waste company who provide containers and bins for the outlets. They collect and take away absolutely anything that uses electricity, from hairdryers to computers. Visit the website to read more about how they recycle all our redundant items.

OASIS ASSOCIATION in Lansdowne Rd (cnr of Lee Rd) run a very efficient recycling service, employing persons with intellectual disabilities.  Their hours are 8am-3.45pm Mon-Fridays, and 9am-1.45pm on Saturdays. They are worth supporting & accept most paper & cardboard, glass, cans & certain plastics. They also accept good quality 2nd hand books & bric-a-brac for sale in their charity shop, and non-kitchen electrical appliances eg video machines, TV, DVDs – NOT kettles, toasters, fridges. See their list of recyclables on

PICK ‘N PAY have recycling bins outside their Hypers and selected stores countrywide, where you can deposit compact flourescent lights, batteries, ink cartridges, plastic bags and all plastic packaging.

NB Corks only! The fact that corks are being recycled into fire-retardant flooring is particularly exciting, and the BVRA Committee members will happily channel your corks to the BVRA Secretary who will deliver them to the Vineyard Hotel. Note that this offer applies to CORKS ONLY! Drop them off in Committee members’ letterboxes where feasible.  Alternatively, corks may be dropped off at the hotel reception or placed into large perspex boxes that are in the foyer for this purpose. Alternatively, simply hand to any of the Porters or Doormen who will make sure they get where they need to go.


BV residents have reportedly made use of the following companies:
ABUNDANCE RECYCLING. Contact Frank from 08h00-12h00 on 021 531-5888 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or
KOOL WASTE. Contact Barry Visagie on 072 129 5787 or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or


The ABC of Recyclable Waste:
Cape Town Green map:
The National Recycling Forum website on
Polystyrene recycling: visit 

Last updated: Tuesday, 05 March, 2019