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Bishopscourt Village bicycle patrol

The Bishopscourt Village (BV) Bicycle Patrol scheme was started on 1st December 2003 with coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are three ADT officers employed in BV with one on day shift, one on night shift and one off duty at any one time. The roster cycle is 3 days on followed by 4 nights on and then 3 days off, then 4 days on, 3 nights on and 4 days off – and this cycle is repeated.

The officers’ effective patrolling of the whole of BV is assured by the Baton Monitoring System and 24-hour efficiency reports which are received by the BV Security Coordinator at 06h00 every day.

A bicycle patrol scheme will not result in zero crime. It is a proactive effort to reduce crime and allow us to feel safe in our neighbourhood. Residents still need to be alert and aware at all times and ensure that security on their property within their home is adequate.

The cost of the Bicycle Patrol Scheme to residents is dictated by the participation level. For the bicycle patrol to be cost-effective the participation level must be in excess of 80%. Some residents understandably cannot afford to participate, but since all residents of BV benefit from the enhanced security in the area, we rely on everyone to subscribe to the scheme if they can afford to participate. Payment of the required fee and completion of an ADT LSS Agreement Form is all that is required for you to become a participant. If you are an existing ADT client and you join the bicycle patrol scheme, you get a discounted monthly subscription rate for your monitoring and armed response from ADT. Participation in the bicycle patrol scheme includes the annual membership fee for the BVRA.

BV residents are requested to report all incidents of crime to the BVRA Security Coordinator and to Claremont SAPS immediately after the crime has occurred. Residents are also encouraged to notify ADT and the BV Security Coordinator about any suspicious persons or activities. The BVRA Security Coordinator is also in constant communication with the Security Coordinators in all our neighbouring areas. The BVRA Security Coordinator will notify BV Bicycle Patrol participants about crimes committed within BV, as well as warning residents about suspicious persons, security concerns, or crime trends and any serious crime incidents occurring in neighbouring areas.

a) THE BVRA SECURITY COORDINATOR – .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
b) SAPS CLAREMONT, Lansdowne Road – 021 657 2250

Last updated: Thursday, 01 January, 2015