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Upper Liesbeek River Garden Plant List

UPPER LIESBEEK RIVER GARDEN ______________________________________________ What to look for and when: JANUARY: Brillantaisia subulugurica Agapanthus Eucomis Crocosmia sp Crinum moorei Scadoxus multiflorus FEBRUARY: Brillantaisia subulugurica Crocosmia sp Crinum moorei Salvia chaemelaeagnea MARCH: Plectranthus sp Brillantaisia subulugurica Indigophera fructescens APRIL: Plectranthus sp Brillantaisia subulugurica Protea ‘Pink Ice’ Barleria sp Hypoestes aristata…

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Upper Liesbeek River Garden

The rehabilitation and conservation of the banks of the Liesbeek in Bishopscourt Village is a residents’ initiative. The area is situated on land described as undeveloped Public Open Space (POS). Prior to 2004, the area was totally overgrown with alien vegetation, was a major security risk and was used as…

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